Crystal Springs Golf Course Wedding Photographer | Annette + Henry

Annette and Henry got married in Burlingame’s Crystal Springs Golf Course two weeks ago. It was great to see these two tie the knot on a great day at a great location situated on a cliff over looking the water below and tree covered ridges.

Enjoy the few teasers while I work on the rest of the photos.

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  1. Priscilla Lee says:

    These are beautiful pictures of Annette–I sent links to this site to all my friends (even the men). Annette looked the loveliest she’s ever looked, and I was moved by the poetry of the quiet pictures of the shoes, the ring, her putting on her makeup, and the bridal gown. The 1st 3 pictures–the red candle, her parents-in-law at the offering table, and Annette in her Chinese Chinese wedding dress and the Chinese gold (and others you took in the same vein–probably the tea ceremony– that my dear sister hasn’t shown us yet)–carry a lot of meaning.

    You should show more of these on your blog–it’s a PLUS that you record the cultural wedding traditions and rituals. Photographers don’t seem to do that for every-day “normal” people. The first two are very poetic.

    National Geographic does capture weddings of people (like the indigenous people of blah blah after some famine), but National Geographic is not doing a wedding shot for people.

    I am so incredibly glad you are capturing these.

    The pictures of Annette’s Western wedding are beautiful, so much fun and energy. I was admiring them a lot. You got Annette (the way she is/her personality came through!).

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