Save The Date Photos for Jenn + John

I first met Jenn through a mutual friend on the night the SF Giants won the world series.  We were hanging out at a neighborhood bar and all I recall about Jenn from that evening was her cute Hello Kitty credit card and a big bottle of Grey Goose that she bought.  What a crazy fun night and I’m sure many of you celebrated! Blame it on the Goose!

Jenn and John recently got engaged, and they reached out to me to get a few photos taken for their save-the-date cards. Seriously, who can say no to these two cuties?  Right?! I said alright, come to my place and I’ll see what I can do. Who would of guessed my backyard was exactly what Jenn and John were looking for — rustic and worn out with weeds growing every where. You can’t complete a dumpster backyard photoshoot without a watch dog, so I even threw in a bonus just for them by allowing my handsome Scrappy to pose in a couple of their pictures.

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