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A Year Ago Today in Janauary

A year ago today we were in Seattle and Vancouver and I am grateful for the friends who kept us company on this trip.

Left: Canon Powershot S95 F4.5, 1/15 sec, ISO 400
Right: Canon Powershot S95 F2.2, 1/1000 sec in color select mode, ISO 80

A Taste of Paris 2011

Benson and I did a Europe trip last spring to 6 cities, and Paris was one of them. When I look back at these pictures I can’t believe it’s been almost a year ago since we were there. I never got around to making use of the videos I took with my Canon S95 so here are some short clips of the sparkling Eiffel Tower on our first night there, and the sweetest Parisian woman making crepes for us. On our last morning in Paris we waited for her to open shop so we can buy another delicious crepe from her before we took the Metro to the airport. Paris is beautiful and everyone was so nice to us unlike what others have said! I wish we had more time there to explore. Touring the Louvre museum took all day and drained all the energy out of us, and going to Versailles to see the Palace was another full day.

Paris from Lily Yip on Vimeo.

Los Cabos Getaway With The Girls

I know what you’re going to say, and yes, I did just come back from my Europe vacation so it seems a bit soon for another vacation.  But this trip has been planned well in advance and we had good reasons to getaway. I met these girls–Adrienne, Jenny, and Elite years ago when I lived in SoCal.  More specifically, I actually worked with Adrienne in the hay days at Forever21 and we became really good friends.  That’s how I eventually met Jenny and Elite.  I’ve been back in the Bay Area for 7 years already but we still keep in touch and see each other once a year or so.

It was a trip we all needed for some real rest and relaxation soaking up the sun by the pool side.  The trip certainly didn’t start off as smooth as I wanted because the girls were flying in from LAX and suppose to arrive at Cabos an hour before me.  When I got off the plane I didn’t see any of them, and of course, naturally, I totally freaked out.  My Spanish speaking skill amounts to nothing and I didn’t know what flight number or airline they were flying on, so no one could help me.  Eventually, after 45 minutes of anxiety and running around in the heat, I figured their flight was delayed so I grabbed my beer and waited. The rest of the trip was very enjoyable spending time at the pool and jacuzzi everyday, watching the sunrise, snorkeling, visiting Cabo Wabo, eating fish tacos, churros, drinking margaritas, and haggling with the street vendors.

Welk Resort Serena Del Mar Los Cabos

Elite, Jenny, Me, Adrienne


Watching the sunrise


Photography 101 From Our Europe Vacation

I’m still in the process of filtering through all our Europe pictures and a few pictures just made me laugh out loud. I thought since today is hump day, in order to help you get over the hump, I would like to share some humorous photos from our trip along with some photography tips.

When composing a photo, try to compose it with a foreground, mid-ground, and background when possible to create a sense of depth. We were in the Louvre museum, and apparently the picture on the wall is more interesting then me, so I am just the prop for a foreground.

Another big one is to watch what’s growing out of the head! What else grows out of my head besides hair, well Benson thought it was funny to grow trees and obelisk!

When you’re taking a portrait of someone, it’s good to tell them if there’s something on their lips or teeth. We were dining in Venice and I was having the best squid ink pasta ever so I was slurping away. Of course if you know squid ink, you know it’s black!

It saves a lot of time to get it right in camera when possible and sometime cropping is the easiest to do to make the picture just right. However, our Tuscany bike tour guide thinks otherwise, and included uncle bob in our otherwise picture perfect photo.

Our Europe Vacation: 6 cities in 4 countries


We are back from our two-week long vacation in Europe and here are a few photos to give you a taste of our trip. We were gone for 18 days and traveled to 6 cities in 4 countries: London, Venice, Florence, Rome, Amsterdam, and Paris! It’s so nice to have the opportunity to experience different cultures, try their food, speak their languages, learn their history, and see their way of life.  Most memorable experiences include seeing London on St. Patrick’s day, sipping wine and  and enjoying cicchetti (the sardines and the tuna and potato meatballs were unforgettable) in Venice, biking through the country side and eating Nutella gelato in Florence, drinking cappuccino and witnessing pickpockets in Rome, seeing the red light district in Amsterdam, and lastly, the sparkle of the Eiffle Tower and dinner at Christian Constant’s restaurant in Paris!

As Rick Steves says “Travel is intensified living–maximum thrills per minute and one of the last great sources of legal adventure. Travel is freedom. It’s recess, and we need it.”

Voyager c’est vivre.

Now back to reality!

Big Ben

London Eye


Venice, Italy

Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paris, France