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Maternity Photography in Burlingame

Here are some photos from a recent maternity session we did for our friend. Anthony and Jenn are such a sweet heart and we know they will be amazing parents! During their session Anthony was super sweet and helpful making sure Jenn was comfortable at all times. He’s going to be a great dad! We definitely have an appreciation for the beauty of pregnancy after having a baby of our own. Tell us about your experience!

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We would like to congratulate Anthony and Jenn again on their bundle of joy!

Our Maternity Photos

As we await for out baby girl’s arrival any day now, we are excited to share some of our maternity photos shot by our friend Josh Gruetzmacher! This is a very special time in our lives not only because this is our very first baby, but also because we’ve come so far to anticipate her arrival. We are so fortunate to be able to bring a life into this world and we’ve been so lucky in so many ways with this pregnancy. I never could of imagined the wealth of joy a pregnancy can bring until now, and it truly is an experience that I forever treasure (maybe I’ll change my mind when labor and delivery begins ^o^)

Thank you again, Josh. We love the photos!

Palo Alto Maternity Session

Congratulation Cara and Berry on being parents! It’s nice to catch up with our wedding couples and see them progress through the milestones in life! We are so blessed to be able to take part in these very special moments. We can’t wait to meet their baby girl 🙂

San Francisco Golden Gate Park Maternity Photography

Congratulations to Salina and Gil on their bundle of joy! These were taken 2 months ago and now the happy couple is cuddling up with their cutie already.  It feels like it’s maternity season right now (not sure if there’s such thing) because a lot of the people I know and a lot of my clients are all pregnant! If you didn’t know already, Benson and I are expecting as well in April.  It’s definitely a very exciting and joyous time for us since this is our first baby, so we’re trying to absorb it all in.

We’ll try to update everyone with some photos of us when possible 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy Salina and Gil’s maternity photos.

San Francisco Maternity Photography Session