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Happy New Year

We can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly!  Sometimes I wish to slow down time like when you’re a kid and a year seems like it’s forever.  We are so grateful for the abundance of joy 2013 has brought us.  We hope 2014 will bring everyone lots of happiness, adventure, and growth.


Welcome Baby Bllew!

We are super thrilled to announce the arrival of our little baby girl, Evangeline Summer Lew. She was born on 4/21/2013 6lb 2 oz and 19 inches! She’s been a great little angel growing quickly the last 10 days! It’s a new adventure for us to be parents and learning the ropes. It’s definitely hard work but very rewarding. Here’s a photo of her at 7 days old.

Our Maternity Photos

As we await for out baby girl’s arrival any day now, we are excited to share some of our maternity photos shot by our friend Josh Gruetzmacher! This is a very special time in our lives not only because this is our very first baby, but also because we’ve come so far to anticipate her arrival. We are so fortunate to be able to bring a life into this world and we’ve been so lucky in so many ways with this pregnancy. I never could of imagined the wealth of joy a pregnancy can bring until now, and it truly is an experience that I forever treasure (maybe I’ll change my mind when labor and delivery begins ^o^)

Thank you again, Josh. We love the photos!

Los Cabos Getaway With The Girls

I know what you’re going to say, and yes, I did just come back from my Europe vacation so it seems a bit soon for another vacation.  But this trip has been planned well in advance and we had good reasons to getaway. I met these girls–Adrienne, Jenny, and Elite years ago when I lived in SoCal.  More specifically, I actually worked with Adrienne in the hay days at Forever21 and we became really good friends.  That’s how I eventually met Jenny and Elite.  I’ve been back in the Bay Area for 7 years already but we still keep in touch and see each other once a year or so.

It was a trip we all needed for some real rest and relaxation soaking up the sun by the pool side.  The trip certainly didn’t start off as smooth as I wanted because the girls were flying in from LAX and suppose to arrive at Cabos an hour before me.  When I got off the plane I didn’t see any of them, and of course, naturally, I totally freaked out.  My Spanish speaking skill amounts to nothing and I didn’t know what flight number or airline they were flying on, so no one could help me.  Eventually, after 45 minutes of anxiety and running around in the heat, I figured their flight was delayed so I grabbed my beer and waited. The rest of the trip was very enjoyable spending time at the pool and jacuzzi everyday, watching the sunrise, snorkeling, visiting Cabo Wabo, eating fish tacos, churros, drinking margaritas, and haggling with the street vendors.

Welk Resort Serena Del Mar Los Cabos

Elite, Jenny, Me, Adrienne


Watching the sunrise



Did you know that every first Sunday of the month there is an antique fare in Alameda with hundreds of square feet of goodness and yummy food and drinks?  It was our first time attending it and of course I was super excited to find something cool!  I’m the type of person who sees a garage sale and get giddy about it.  The antique fare is sort of like a giant garage sale/flea market but the stuff here are definitely more expensive, at least compared to other flea markets.  Your trash is definitely someone else treasure here!  We saw a vintage Canon film camera that had its fair share of sun-beaten-rough-handling selling for $115 (no thanks).

This place is huge, like ginormous!  We spent 2 hours there and walked about a third of it only.  I would like to go again, but Benson told me to bring my girl-friends next time because this is not his cup of tea.  If you want to join me, let me know so I’ll have a buddy to go with on the next fare.

I was a happy camper and went home with a vintage suitcase, a wool blanket, and a cute tea cup and saucer.

vintage sewing machine, insect pump, iron, doll,

tea cup, green vintage suit case, plaid blue red white wool blanket