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Happy Holiday 2016


Fall Family Portraits in San Francisco

My favorite time of year in San Francisco is when our Fall looks like Spring ūüôā











Our 2015 Family Mini Sessions

The year went by so quick for us and doing a mini session is such a nice way to catch up again with our clients. Everyone we shot this year were our past clients and friends. We had such a blast shooting all our returning families and seeing their little family grow in size. It’s one of the most precious and fleeting moment to see how fast kids grow. These photos and videos will stop time just for a little while to remind us how beautiful our children are even on the toughest days with them (currently dealing with my 2.5 year old’s terrible twos).

Here’s a teaser and behind the scene of all our session from 1.5 weeks ago. We continue to love adding snippets of video into our portrait sessions to bring out the fun and excitement from the holiday. I can’t help but smile when editing these.

2015 Holiday Mini Session

Here are more details on the shoot

Location: Half Moon Bay
Attire: Your hearts desire, but we suggest a color coordinated Fall/Winter themed attire
Time slot: A 30 minute session will be reserved for you and it will begin at your scheduled time. We suggest you to arrive 15-20 minutes early to find us and get ready for the shoot. Any delay will run into your session time so we suggest to keep in mind traffic time, parking, and getting the kid(s) out of the car.
Booking: Email us at info@bllew.com with your name and contact information
Formalities: 50% due at booking, and remaining 50% due on the day of the shoot
Etc: The family mini session is limited to 6 family members. Each additional member is $20. Additional services and products will be available for purchase 2 weeks after your session during our in-person reveal appointment at my studio in Burlingame.

BOOK NOW by emailing us at info@bllew.com

Ardenwood Historic Farm Wedding | Priscilla and Marvin

Priscilla and Marvin’s wedding at the Ardenwood Historic Farm was unbelievably beautiful. Who would have ever guessed a rustic garden venue is located right in the heart of the Bay Area, Fremont. We had so much fun at their wedding and can you tell they are the cutest cutest couple ever! They are so animated, goofy, and fun to be around. They compliment each other so well in every aspect. Remember their Mary Jane & Spiderman engagement session? So fun! Here’s a summary of their beautiful wedding. Oh, scroll down and check out Priscilla’s DIY marquee lights!

Bllew-Photography-Ardenwood-Historic-Farm-Wedding-The-Patterson-House-Fremont-Wedding-01 Bllew-Photography-Ardenwood-Historic-Farm-Wedding-The-Patterson-House-Fremont-Wedding-02 Bllew-Photography-Ardenwood-Historic-Farm-Wedding-The-Patterson-House-Fremont-Wedding-03 Bllew-Photography-Ardenwood-Historic-Farm-Wedding-The-Patterson-House-Fremont-Wedding-06Bllew-Photography-Ardenwood-Historic-Farm-Wedding-The-Patterson-House-Fremont-Wedding-04 Bllew-Photography-Ardenwood-Historic-Farm-Wedding-The-Patterson-House-Fremont-Wedding-05  Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-07 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-08 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-09 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-10 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-11 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-12  Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-14 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-15 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-16 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-17 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-13Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-18 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-19 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-20 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-22 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-23 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-24 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-26 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-53Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-27 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-28 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-29 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-30 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-31 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-32 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-33 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-40 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-41 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-42 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-43 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-44 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-45 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-46 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-47 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-48 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-49 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-34 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-35 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-36 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-37 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-38 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-39 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-50  Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-54 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-55 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-56 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-57 Bllew-Two-Vertical-Portrait-58