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San Francisco Wedding, Benson+Lily

Twenty Eight Days later…I mean 28 more days till Lily and I get married!!! wooohoooo!!! (^_^)

We been so busy with wedding planning, family, friends, work, and photography we sometimes forget we own a blog.

We ordered our wedding bands in February, and it took nearly 2 months to customize. Nonetheless, Derco is the BEST! A picture of the engagement ring is on bllew.com…somewhere obvious…

I am honored to have my mentor, Tony Nguyen, photograph our wedding.
The DVD cover image you see below was photographed by TONY!



Today when I checked Bllew Blog I noticed all the previous posts were sorted by date in descending order!!! I didn’t change any setting, Lily didn’t change any setting…? What could it be? Where am I not checking? I couldn’t figure out how to change the sorting back to ascending!!! (>_<)

I had to do something quick, so I updated Word Press from 2.33 to 2.50. That should do the trick, I thought to myself…Bad idea..ALL the previous posts and pages are GONE!!! ARRRRRRGGG!!!!

I’ll get the previous pictures back up ASAP. For now…check out a sneak preview of JEFF and LINDA!!!